Reviving the Lost Vibe: From Google Reader to FeedsAPI

July 1, 2013 is the dreaded day for most Google Reader fans out there. Google announced the plan of retiring Google Reader on the said date and as expected, the internet community reacted whenever change is about to unleash.

Testing several RSS fueled feedcatchers for test drives can definitely help you discover a whole lot new opportunities that’s in store for you to help you with your business. There are other better products than the Google Reader that are available in the RSS jungle.

There are rumors that there will be a new Facebook Reader which is already working its way to the public but how will it look like will still be a mystery to everybody.

There’s a lot of Readers already out in the community but there is this one reader that is user-friendly and is highly recommended to all the Reader users out there – most especially the ones who love full text RSS feeds.

FeedsAPI is not really a suitable thing to call it as a successor to Reader, it is more proper to say that it is a big improvement.

Google Reader stopped to function because Google stopped investing in this as it paid more attention to the other Google applications like Google+, Google Hangouts and all the other newer products.

FeedsAPI is very suitable to the modern and fast paced internet life. It is sleek and modern and it is not as complicated as what others have. It maximizes the screen by having hidden menus and buttons that will then retract if they are not in use. The contents are dynamic and are really suitable to the digital era.

FeedsAPI also has an image-centric content views that acknowledges touch screen gadgets. Despite its being adept with the modern age, the main focus of Reader is to organize texts, having images and other media as secondary. But in today’s generation, of course, images and videos are also included in the main ingredients list in blogging and social media.

It is no secret that we are targeting old Google Reader users. But we’re upping the game plan a bit by offering our customers full text RSS feeds delivered straight to them without having to visit multiple sites just to read articles they find interesting.

What’s your current news feed reader?

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