Quick Tips on How To Tell Better Stories with Content Curation

Here’s the thing: Ideas worth sharing plus a successful online presence goes hand in hand in the digital world, especially in a business perspective, and full text RSS feed can help you do just that!

content curation

Content & Information Curation

Trust me on this (especially for online marketers), when it comes to sustaining interests from your subscribers, you will need to share not only your content in ensuring customer engagement. You have to make sure that they have valuable information which you can quote directly from industry experts.

Giving space to relevant information other than what you originally have to offer, that is aligned with the websites advocacy, is a wise and presentable strategy to promote customer loyalty.

This does not mean your content is boring though, but this will provide insight to other useful information that is out there in the web. And this is where content curation comes into play.

Simply put, content curation works by pulling specific topics that are comparable with your original content and linking them to your own website, thereby increasing the traffic to your site. Thus, having a full RSS feed will work wonderfully  for you.

Here’s why!

Without having to go to a lot of different sites, like when you have an RSS feed with excerpts only, you’ll be able to see at a glance all the relevant content that you need as you browse from one article or blog post to another. No need to switch tabs or go to a different site to check if a post is the right one for you. It not only saves you time, it also helps you make a decision easily whether a content is the right one for you or not.

This is not a battle between quality over quantity though. With content curation, you get a direct proportion with both. The quantity of the content will make your website an oasis of information but at the same time, the incorporation of various resources can boost the quality of your own vision and widens your horizon in the industry. It also helps to connect you with industry influencers by quoting them in your blog posts.

To get the most out of content curation, applications like FeedsAPI that sifts through the huge internet database is currently available to do the job of organizing the information being curated for you, picking out the best there is.  This will keep your website in tip-top shape.

Want to tell better stories? Get in touch with us today and find out how full text RSS feeds can do wonders for your content curation strategy!

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Using FeedsAPI as a Media Monitoring Tool

Getting an information overload will be the least thing you’ll ever want in the internet world. Cutting and trimming the information found in the internet will give you more efficient time and will make you use all of your efforts properly for this will generally eliminate all the unnecessary data that you will see in the internet.

With a hundreds of thousands of minds talking in the internet every single day, there is more information available that all persons, active in the internet world could ever consume.

However, most information could be uninteresting, irrelevant to their niche, out of date or sometimes inaccurate. The thing to remember in trimming off the information is to efficiently find the data you want together with the information that you don’t want. Knowing what’s important and the not so important data to you will be a great kick off in gathering more comprehensive and more useful data that you need.

There are a lot of tricks available out there for you to extract useful information from the internet. One of which is using FeedsAPI to manage information overload. Filtering is the key here and filtering RSS feeds through various criteria can definitely help you extract just the right data for your business.

Another technique that one can use is to modify the format of the RSS Feeds. Bringing relevant information to the feed’s headlines will make it easier to quickly see and scan through the feed to help you determine which posts are useful to you. By putting more details to the title, one can avoid lurking around and spending all those precious time just to extract more information.

One last trick that can be very useful to everyone is to use tools, like FeedsAPI, to gather a whole lot more data that you cannot see in an RSS feed. You need to know how to construct the URL for each API. So the only hard work here is to review the documentation of the API that you want and most of the time, the documentations will give you a sneak preview of the outcomes.

There are some APIs that will require you to have an API Key. You don’t have to fret, this will keep track of all the activities that is going on and you can treat it just like a little password in which should be kept confidential. By using API, you are assured that all of your searches will be exact, accurate and necessary and also they will all be secured.

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Free Service or Paid Platform, Which Is Better for Media Monitoring?

Mostly all businesses in the world have accounts on various platforms. They are making use of these as a part of their “effective and easy” marketing strategy.

Well, who’s to blame?

Based on a current survey, each and every individual who have access in the internet spend almost an average of 3 hours of their day looking around these platforms. This is just one proof that being visible online can definitely help you boost your business.

If you are an individual who’s seeking to find friends, lover, or a community with the same interest as yours, then this is the right avenue for you. Signing up to these platforms are free and it will just require you less than 5 minutes of your time and your email address and voila! You are already a part of a growing bandwagon. And since because it is for free, there are a lot of people who also tends to have 2 or more accounts.

But if you are aiming to use media monitoring as a part of a serious campaign for your business, well you should also take registration seriously. These platforms also have a premium account for those who take them seriously. This is ideal for businesses who are wishing to reach out to more people to widen their networks and boost their sales eventually.

And if you are planning to make use of the media monitoring as one of your marketing strategies, you better prepare for it properly. Here are some easy to follow steps that can surely utilize your media monitoring strategy.

  1. Establish your budget. You should always take into consideration the cost for buying premium accounts. Remember that premium accounts can give you more exposure, more ads to post and more audience. Allotting a budget for this can definitely help your business go the extra mile.
  2. Choose the proper person to handle your online accounts. Yes, it is no rocket science. Everybody definitely knows how to use any platform without taking any course. But if you are using a paid platform, there’s a lot going on. There are people in the society who dedicates their time in learning everything about these platforms. You can ask help from them to help you maintain your accounts to a more productive one.
  3. Define an objective. Decide on how your social media will function. Will this be for complaints, suggestions or for marketing only?

By answering these, you can definitely ace your media monitoring capabilities.

crowdsourced ideas

How to Get Crowdsourced Business Ideas and Manage them Wisely

Being active in the online market requires you to work and to add people to your network, come up with useful contents and tools to your private social community which provide value to your members and customers, which makes them keep coming back to you.

But if you think you already did everything to take care of the people in your network, well, think again. This is just half-way in having an effective social community strategy. An effective customer community strategy balances benefits its community members by leveraging the community to have business-level goals of the main organization.

A better customer interaction will open door to a variety of tactics in your business or organization, and these advantages will include an increased advocacy in the market, lowered support costs and establishing stronger and long- lasting relationships with your customers or members.

The number of businesses engaging with their communities are increasing. They do this do discover, test and even validate the things they need to work on to get a strong market fit.

One of the benefits of having your community is that they give the ability to communicate with a lot of customers and members in a collaborative manner. The company then can use their opinions and views to adjust the products and services with the market and drive innovation coming from the interaction with the customers.

However, even with an online customer community, crowdsourcing can be very difficult to manage. You must have the proper tools and strategies in order for you not to risk missing important marketing data which will then frustrate customers who are very keen to details when it comes to their feed backs being heard.

Crowdsourcing can be very useful to your business, there’s no doubt about it. But here are a few more areas where crowdsourcing can add to your marketing strategies.

  1. Events. Ask your network what type of events they enjoy participating in. Give them the liberty to choose location, topics, and themes. You can even ask for their feedback on some event structures and special speakers.
  2. Conference. Make use of crowdsourcing to learn what type of sessions your customers find most beneficial.
  3. Products. You can validate the idea of product enhancements in your community within the confines of your reliable and safe customer community before introducing it to the public.

There’s a whole lot more avenues in crowdsourcing. All you need is to get the hang of it and make sure that your customers’ feedbacks are valued.

media noise

Market Intelligence vs. Worthless Chatter

There are a lot of minds talking out there. 95% of UK B2B marketers are said to be using some form of content marketing. Well, that’s a lot of marketers talking. The emphasis being put on contents became a core weapon in a marketer’s stash. But the result is a lot of noise, a lot of reading materials such as e-newsletters, blogs, reports, case, videos, etc.

Being exposed to a lot of mind talking can really lead you to catastrophe. It will just lead you to endless discussions, arguments and worse, virtual fights. This will just take your focus away from what you really are up to, that is to widen your network and to improve your business.

Preventing this from happening will be very easy if you know how to do media monitoring. This can help you cut or filter down unrelated topics, write-ups and others that you can consider noise that can make you lose your focus on your business.

Once you are able to filter down all of the relative data, it is now time to use those data correctly. Creating tactics or strategies is one important thing to do when you have extracted all the data you’ve collected from your media monitoring.

You see, when you are able to plan what to do with the bunch of data you have, things can become easier for you.

Considering that mostly contents are part of a disorganized world of information, the importance marketers place on content is high. Being said, manipulating content needs an isolated tactic, thus planning is really needed.

Aside from planning, creating an objective is a must. This will clarify your mind on which to focus to and which not to listen to. This will avoid you from being cluttered and going back to the virtual blur most marketers get into.

Out of the handful of data you have collected, then that is the time you create interesting contents. There are a lot of formats and channels available out there to execute your contents.

Technology plays a big role here. Digital techniques nowadays are exemplary to the point that you can convey a lot of messages in just one picture.

It is said that almost 25% of target audience tend to engage more with images rather than plain write-ups. Being exposed to new medium will definitely put justice to the long and gruesome process you have undergone just to extract the most important data that’s pertinent to your business.

monitor media

Know What’s Happening In Your Niche through Newsfeeds

Media platforms today are very effective when it comes to widening one’s network. This can also serve as one of the greatest tools in monitoring and getting to know what’s happening to your niche.

There are a lot of instances that you happen to invest a lot of time and effort in creating such wonderful contents regarding your niche.

However at the end of the day, your articles turned out to zero views. You think you’re able to produce such interesting write ups, you think this will be trending to your community, and you are on the verge of giving up because of these.

Well, you are not alone.

There are a lot of businesses who have and are still experiencing the same as you are. You are not alone, it’s normal. However, you can prevent this from happening in the future by simply doing the following:

Manage your news feed.

The best way to keep on track of your niche is to segment your news feed into interest lists. This will give you a quicker way to sort and filter reams of content that you see through your news feed every hour. This is also a very convenient way to stay updated with what’s new and what’s trending in an hourly manner. You should also make sure to add influential people and interesting pages related to your niche or industry. By doing this, you are filtering the flow of information in your news feed.

Subscribe to several social networking sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and such a like.

By subscribing to these sites, you are also subscribing to the most interesting topics in the whole world. However, in order for you to follow relevant tweets and Subreddits, make sure to know exactly what your interests and your niches are. It can be so tricky to find what’s relevant in your niche unless you really know exactly what you want and what you are looking for.

Hashtag It!

You can definitely know what’s hot and what’s not when you use hashtag. Newsfeeds from Twitter and Facebook is equipped with hashtagging abilities – meaning clicking a hashtagged word that you see can definitely take you to a list of posts from other people all over the world talking about the topic you are into at a certain period of time. You can definitely know what people are talking about especially in your network when you make use of hashtags.


10 Steps for Successful Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is not a very easy process. But following these 10 simple steps can definitely make your monitoring skills outstanding.

  1. Set an Objective. Why do you monitor? This is one question that can shed light on you. If you answer this question by saying, “Because everybody else is doing it”, well you’ve got a problem! You need to set a very clear goal in your mind. This will help your business and also save you a lot of time and money. Having a clear goal in mind can make you target your resources correctly making you more effective and efficient at the end of the day.
  2. Be clear in what to monitor. Selecting the right keywords is very important since monitoring is keyword- based. You should be at the very least tracking your company name, brand names, competitor names and product names. Your tagline must be monitored together with your most recent marketing strategies.
  3. Decide where to monitor. Social media is a very big network venue. Being decided on where to monitor can definitely give you a chance to concentrate more on the most important venues. Otherwise, you will find yourself conversing with everyone, everywhere which means wasting a lot of time and effort.
  4. Learn to prioritize.  Social media is a very big. Conversations are happening everywhere, simultaneously, all over the world. Your strategy must be wise and actionable. You need to learn which one should come first and which one requires more effort. In doing so, all of your resources will be maximized.
  5. Plan. You need to be always ready whatever happens. Media changes rapidly without any warnings. You should plan ahead for the worst-case scenarios. Besides, nobody wants to be caught off- guard!
  6. Let others participate. Social media is a very dynamic medium. With just a matter of seconds, a certain status update or a tweet can be sent. Tapping the right persons can be a big challenge but if done properly and efficiently, this can definitely put a lot on your table. Patience and communication can be of great help.
  7. Listen. Communication is a two-way process. Talking will be senseless if you will not listen. Try to hear what others say, observe certain behaviors in the community.
  8. Inbound and outbound conversations. Being able to participate in a larger discussion can definitely help you market your business and at the same time it can bring larger networks giving you more potential clients.
  9. Build relationships. Listening and influencing others are 2 major aspects in building relationships. We are after strong and long- lasting relationships.
  10. Wisely select the tools for your strategy. Being able to choose the proper tools can save your time, money, effort and also it can help you a lot with your business. And as far as media monitoring is concerned, FeedsAPI is a great tool to have.
time for questions

Questions to Ask in Assessing A Media Monitoring Service

In business, the more you understand the industry and its needs, the better solutions you’ll find along the way.

You will be able to determine the best PR tool that you will use for measurement and monitoring solution depends in your media and social media activities. Focusing and trimming down your needs will definitely be beneficial when you are wishing to assess your media monitoring services. You may ask some help from third party service providers but you, yourself can definitely do this. All you have to do is to ask the right questions to yourself and that will serve as your general objectives.

The first question that you can ask is “What type of media do you really want to stay focused on?” If your business is short in funds but really wants to monitor a brand launch or campaign, you can decide to trim down the costs and choose to monitor only the one that is most closely related to your campaign. Doing so can definitely cut down the expenses and give you more time to work on some other important aspects of the business.

Another one that can be asked is “What areas do you want to focus on and which languages?” Communication is really the major goal for this. However it is most of the time neglected for service providers and business owners tend to take a look at the bigger picture. There are a lot of smaller markets out there and reaching out to them will definitely boost your business. Focusing on the local market is truly helpful; however, extending your reach internationally is another plus. So expanding your business’s geographical reach and breaking those language barriers can be very helpful.

If you want to focus on your social media platforms, you can also ask “how much of information do you want to know about your fans and followers?” This can help you big time.

Many companies are really taking the time to look at their fans and followers as they influence the business in a great manner. Considering their interests can help the business owners to decide on which action to take or what modifications or changes can be made for the company to better cater to their clients’ needs.

How much exposure do you need? This question is also a necessity. This can save you time and effort as your social media efforts will be utilized. If you are sure of how visible you want to be in the chosen social media platform/s, you will be focused on your goals and your time will be well managed.

Budget is the ultimate thing to consider here. So asking yourself of what strategies will be used and the allotted budget for each project can keep you on track and at target.

The questions above are just a few of the questions that can be considered asking. It all really depends on what is the industry you are in and also how much time and money are you willing to spend on your campaigns.

business departments

Who In the Organization Should do Media Monitoring?

The question asked by lots of managers and decision-makers in the organization is who’s really responsible for media monitoring.

So here’s a brief list and description of who they really are:


Social media analysis pertaining to your business can keep you in track with your campaign success. It can gain you market intelligence, measure your products’ sentiments, discover perceptions from the public, and last but not the least it will help you identify trademark abuse and other issues alike. By having all of the mentioned earlier, it can help you respond to those issues accordingly.

Fraud and Risk.

Issues that can be resolved in this area are Phishing and Identity Theft. Since social media is a medium that can publicize such important and confidential personal information, through the help of this department, security breaches can be avoided.

Human Resources

Social media platforms can be a very important toll to get information on potential employees.

This can also be a very effective avenue in catching inappropriate discussion conducted by employees. You can also track of employees disclosing confidential company information such as fraudulent job postings and such alike. Having human resources do media monitoring can really be of help most especially in monitoring employees who can be an asset or a threat to the business and to the company.

Customer Service

No matter how busy the whole day was as an employee, the customers should be put into priority list. Without them, the business won’t be operating at all. So having a customer service department is really a must when you want to monitoring your business in the clients’ perspective. Making an effort in listening to their feedbacks, comments and suggestion will matter.

This will give them an impression that you really care for them and also, this will give you an opportunity to improve the products and services that you offer depending on their needs and demands. You are also building great relationships between your current clients and this will eventually give you more clients in the future.

Customer service department also enables your clients to ask questions about your business and give them real and up to date answers to their questions.

Deciding to monitor social media is really easy. All you have to do is to improve your listening and people skills and avoid potential risks to your company.

social media listening

Reasons You Need a Media Monitoring Program for Your Business

Social media is a big demand now in the industry, recent studies show that almost 90% of companies all over the world are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram part of their marketing and advertising strategy.

Being involved with social media can be beneficial but not doing enough and proper monitoring might harm the business. Asking why to monitor? Well here are some of the reasons.

  1. You can get an idea on how your company or your business is being accepted. Using social media platforms is one of the easiest and more effective way on assessing your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Social media became an avenue for people to give reviews and insights regarding a certain product and service. And since it is publicized, it is really easy to access their opinions towards your business.
  2. Building network for business. Through monitoring, you can definitely get greater access to a wider network. You can find other businesses that are way, way compatible to your business and then are capable of becoming potential partners, clients and customers. This can give you a great opportunity to build long-lasting relationships that can eventually lead to intellectual pursuits and can promote larger revenue in the future.
  3. Updated with new information. Some companies are using social media to expose news and new information in their company. So being updated with your competitors’ new endeavors, you will then be equipped with new strategies to outshine them.
  4. Improvement in the customer service aspect. Since social media is a fast and reliable way to tell your feelings and insights, this is also a very effective way in getting your customers’ and clients’ comments, suggestions and opinions regarding your products and services. Answering their queries in a very fast manner can definitely improve your relationship with them and thus will promote you a long- lasting subscription from them.
  5. Get competitive advantages. Awareness in other people’s thoughts about your brand and you competitors’ will allow you to assess your brand perception and also this will help you address problems. Giving you an edge to grab those opportunities for your business advancement.
  6. Taking good care of your online reputation. Being active and visible in social media can help you manage your online reputation and name real time. The more active and visible you are in the chosen social media platforms, the sooner you make amends on unfavorable messaging and the better chance of you putting security in your brand and in your business.

Social media is no rocket science. All you need to have is the time and effort to maintain them and your dedication to your customers and clients in serving them.

media monitoring advantages

Advantages of Media Monitoring

Online media monitoring lets you stay on top of the news in the industry. This process captures news that greatly impacts the business and lets you improve the company’s image in the market. Being exposed in the online media let you also be exposed to both the advantages and disadvantages for both the author and the audience.

But in this article, we will concentrate on the advantages rather than the disadvantages.

One of the major advantages of the online media caters to content creators.

If you are an online content writer, you will be more accessible to all the information that you will need to do your work. All the references that you will need for your creation is readily available with just one click of a button.

You don’t have to scan one by one the call cards in the library just to get all the information that you will need. Aside from being so accessible, online publications requires not much time to be revised, thus, you are assured that what you will see in the internet will be the most recent and up to date news related to your chosen topic.

It is also easier and cheaper to maintain online information.

Another side of online media caters to its audience. Since audience is what keeps the online media alive, they have more benefits. One of the benefits they can get from online media is that most online publications eliminate bulky and unmanageable multi-volume sets.

They have lighter readings and basically extracts the gist from those volumes and hands it to the readers. In this manner, readers won’t get bored and thus, getting information will be a whole lot easier. Another thing is that, just like for the creators, everything is at reach.

All necessary information will be readily available with just a click of a button. Also, another thing that is great about the online media is that it supports various information structures and also provides context sensitive information with the help of keywords and SEOs.

Through this, time will be conserved and the audience’s schedule will be managed efficiently. One more thing that makes online media so special is the capacity for them to engage their audience to what they offer by making it more interactive.

People nowadays are smarter than ever. They now prefer looking for answers on their own and thus this also encourages exploration.

Being always in the know of what’s the latest when it comes to online media gives you an edge to your business. You will be able to learn your new competitions and also it will give you the capability to think of what other possible ways to counter your opponents.

Keeping in mind your contributors and also your audience will definitely get you more and more clients and keep your current clients’ trust and confidence in you.