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Turn Short RSS to Full Text RSS, Full Emails or Full Blog Posts & Mashup URLs to RSS

FeedsAPI Full Text RSS Feed Builder will expand any truncated Feed to a Full Text RSS Feed within Seconds for Your News readers or Web applications. We offer a Powerful Feed API that allow you to fetch & create full rss feeds fast & effortlessly.

°What is FeedsAPI ?°

FeedsAPI is a Full Text RSS Feed Builder and web content extraction service that allows you to: turn any shortened RSS feeds into a full text rss feed content, generate an rss feed from any static webpage, turn xml and html to JSON and create Full RSS in real time.

°How-To Create Full RSS ?°

Click on the wide green button "Try it Out for Free", enter an RSS feeds or static site URL in the form of FeedsAPI , Enter your access key and click on the wide blue button to get a clean ad-free full text rss feed within seconds. You can also use our Powerful Restful APIs to fetch full text rss feeds. Send us a message for more details.

°What are RSS Feeds ?°

RSS is a web content syndication format and stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, which basically allows you to receive real-time updates when your favourite blogs or websites add or publish new content and new articles.

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