How FeedsAPI Works with Kouio to Monitor Your Key Content

In this easy to follow video, you will be able to engage your Kouio reader with FeedsAPI creating
a full view of your full text RSS feed stories with ease, by subscribing to the service.

First, you will need to navigate to your FeedsAPI account and click the ‘create full RSS’ button
on the page. From there, you will enter the full RSS URL that you wish to expand, in the text box
showing on the form. When you’re done there, hit the green button – you’ll be redirected to the
full text view of your selected RSS feed.

From there, simply click the subscribe button on the page which will open up a panel for you to
choose the desired RSS reader. To select the Kouio RSS service, click ‘view the full list of
services’ button. For the options listed you will need to create an account for each service
before being allowed access to the RSS feed. This will expand the Feeds API panel, exposing all
of the available RSS readers. Now, scroll to and click the Kouio option. FeedsAPI will redirect
you to your Kouio account, notifying you that your new RSS feed has been created – click ‘Go to
Kouio’. On your home page, you will see a list of all the individual stories from the RSS feed you
just added. By clicking on them, you can retrieve the complete story to browse through and
read in an instant.

You have just managed to successfully merge your FeedsAPI account with Kouio giving you the
freedom to skim through your top level content and access it in a second. It’s that simple to use
FeedsAPI with Kouio.

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