Full Text RSS Feeds Can Increase Your Page Views

Special, is one way to describe your RSS subscribers. People took time to include you in their feed because they want to find out what you have to offer. They want not only to read your content but also be informed whenever you post new stuff. And limiting their access in RSS is not a very nice way of thanking your valuable subscribers.

I can’t think of how many times I have undergone the following cycle:

  1. Look for an inviting site
  2. Sign through RSS
  3. Find out there are only a few passages for RSS readers
  4. Complain
  5. Have weeks / months barely browsing full posts
  6. Unsubscribe
  7. By no means visit the site again

Asking why?

This is because the author has made plenty of inconsistencies making it difficult for me to read blogs. It is in your favor that I am subscribed to your blog. One can say that I am not only an ordinary subscriber but one of your avid supporters. I market your stuff. I share them but all you repay me is limiting my access in RSS.

Is it because of an ad impression or for a page view? If it is that important, why not put an ad in RSS (WordPress SEO can definitely help). It will also be a good solution if you’re worried about scrapers.

I can assure you that I visit the blogs that I am subscribed to via RSS more than I visit the blogs where I am not even though I cannot do the statistics. The reason is because I find frequent reminders whenever there are new published contents.

I personally browse the website (presumably 25% of the time) to see what is going on in discussions in the comments, but occasionally just so I can try the read in the way the site wanted it to be. For you, 25% may not seem a significant number but for me it’s more numbers than never. And never is what you will get when I am not subscribed anymore.

If allowing full RSS feeds through few page views is what makes you so uncomfortable, then I’d say you’re on the wrong side of the argument. Stop cheating on your best customers on what they truly deserve.

Just give it a shot. You’ll be likely surprised.

Kindly allow full text RSS feeds. It’s the best move to make.

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