FeedsAPI Offers a Simple Way to Streamline RSS Feeds; New Feature Adds Keyword Filter Option

City, State – FeedsAPI, the go-to source for curating users’ multiple RSS feeds, is proud to
announce a new feature furthering the already user-friendly and comprehensive platform. The
new keyword filter option will allow users to further optimize their experience by inputting
keywords when searching their RSS feeds, delivering the most relevant and tailored RSS feed
content directly to their email account.


FeedsAPI was introduced in 2013 to fill a void in online content management by providing a
comprehensive solution for those trying to organize and streamline their digital content
delivery via RSS feeds. With the amount of information available to users, being able to grasp
everything can be difficult and overwhelming, but FeedsAPI provides relief.


FeedsAPI’s full text RSS feed builder can expand any shortened RSS feed to a full text, readable
RSS feed within seconds and deliver it right to a user’s news reader or web application. Thus,
cutting down on time and frustration by manually reading through each and every feed and
instead, delivering an all-inclusive, reader-friendly feed report.
Being able to capture full RSS feeds quickly and effortlessly has never been easier. With the
intuitive and simple interface, users can skate through their most preferred news in minutes.


Check it out. The new keyword filter function is valuable because the user can now further
syndicate his/her RSS feed, by fully customizing the selected content. The user can weed out
what they don’t want and secure what they do. See how here. The new feature will not only make it easier for those searching the web for optimum content
in the general sense, but provides a filtration system for those in the online content
management industry, like: reporters, journalists, researchers, analysts, public relations staff,
marketers, and more.

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