Your Subscribers Deserve Full Text RSS Feeds

Using partial text feeds are becoming a bandwagon today in the internet writing business. They say that partial text feeds are better than the usual for they create more traffic and also provides more income because of the ads that are viewable once you hit the “read more” link. In the internet field, it is true that there are no boundaries and also, you can explore whatever it is that you think is suitable or can work with your style. However, many readers always tend to go back to the usual reading of full text feeds.

The reason why full text feeds are increasing page visits is that because of the full content. Readers nowadays are wiser, they are after the main full content of a text. If a certain write up catches the interest of a reader, the content has the tendency to entice the reader’s taste by having similar write-ups about the certain topic in its website. If the content is written in a friendly tone, the readers will then go back to the site and be interested in the other contents of it. And through that, the readers are generating a lot of legit views to the website and not just by taking a glimpse of a certain part of it.

Full text feeds has the tendency to make the reading process easier. No other things needed to do, just simply read the article. And if the reader fully understood what was written, a reader can definitely spread the word to her friends, share it through other social media platforms like FB shares, Tweets, and even sometimes forwards it as an email. They sometimes repost a certain content to Digg, Reddit, Rappler and Slashdot that can generate more traffic and interest and page views of the website.

The main idea of pursuing full text feeds than partial is to make it easier for the readers to understand whatever they are reading and eventually share it through word of mouth or recommendations. So it is really important for the writers and publishers to make the tone of their contents written in a friendly, polite and if possible in simple wordings for better understanding.

You will encounter some people who would still choose to use partial text feeds to increase views, always remember that this increase is just temporary. Readers are wiser. If the channel description of the partial feed doesn’t catch the reader’s interest, there is a tendency that they will be on the look-out for other texts and if they came across something which is written in a friendly tone, their loyalty and respect to the site will increase and will eventually create a longer relationship between the readers and the website.

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