Why Do News Websites Don’t Offer Full Text RSS

Full text RSS lets the users read only the important contents of a website in plain text format. RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a technique to haul out only the text from an article; leaving all the images and ads. This is very significant for content based websites like blogging sites or news sites. They send RSS feeds to their visitors when a new post is published. The feeds are also used by online marketers to promote their new products to the customers. However, to receive the RSS feeds, the visitors have to subscribe for a particular website.

For a news site, it is very important to keep the readers updated as soon as any new news is published. Else they will lose their readers. News sites are frequently updated and to make sure that their visitors are well aware of the new news, they send summaries of the top news posts to their subscribers. In those news feeds, they keep only the magnetic parts of the post to draw the readers to their sites. Sometimes the posts are accompanied with an interesting image or video post.

When the news sites post RSS feeds to their readers, they usually do not offer the full text of their news. It is very easy to understand why they do that. If they send the full news, the reader will have no reason for visiting their site which will lessen their traffic and they will have poor ranking in search engine results. This is the worst thing for a business and the last thing any site owner expect for his site. And for a news site that totally depends on contents and its readers, this is a nightmare.

The contest of attracting visitors in a site is very high among similar type of sites. So offering full text RSS is not a smart idea for a news site; instead sending just the most attractive parts to the readers is a much more cleaver idea and can surely hold their attention. Although there are some excellent services that offer news full text RSS feeds, there is no need to use them.

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