Who In the Organization Should do Media Monitoring?

The question asked by lots of managers and decision-makers in the organization is who’s really responsible for media monitoring.

So here’s a brief list and description of who they really are:


Social media analysis pertaining to your business can keep you in track with your campaign success. It can gain you market intelligence, measure your products’ sentiments, discover perceptions from the public, and last but not the least it will help you identify trademark abuse and other issues alike. By having all of the mentioned earlier, it can help you respond to those issues accordingly.

Fraud and Risk.

Issues that can be resolved in this area are Phishing and Identity Theft. Since social media is a medium that can publicize such important and confidential personal information, through the help of this department, security breaches can be avoided.

Human Resources

Social media platforms can be a very important toll to get information on potential employees.

This can also be a very effective avenue in catching inappropriate discussion conducted by employees. You can also track of employees disclosing confidential company information such as fraudulent job postings and such alike. Having human resources do media monitoring can really be of help most especially in monitoring employees who can be an asset or a threat to the business and to the company.

Customer Service

No matter how busy the whole day was as an employee, the customers should be put into priority list. Without them, the business won’t be operating at all. So having a customer service department is really a must when you want to monitoring your business in the clients’ perspective. Making an effort in listening to their feedbacks, comments and suggestion will matter.

This will give them an impression that you really care for them and also, this will give you an opportunity to improve the products and services that you offer depending on their needs and demands. You are also building great relationships between your current clients and this will eventually give you more clients in the future.

Customer service department also enables your clients to ask questions about your business and give them real and up to date answers to their questions.

Deciding to monitor social media is really easy. All you have to do is to improve your listening and people skills and avoid potential risks to your company.

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