What Is A Full Text RSS and How to Get It

Full text RSS is the technique to extract the content from a web page by taking only the texts and eliminating all the images and ads. With the full text RSS, the viewer of the page can avoid the disturbing online ads and view only the important contents. In a web page, there are lots of different things including text articles, images, video, ads, affiliate programs, blogs, news etc. A visitor may not be interested in all those things and in his way of searching information on a certain topic; these extended things can be really annoying.

A site owner can use RSS feeds with intelligence to send only the key information of his site to the visitors; nothing aggravating, just some text to send his message. This service is very important to increase the number of visitors in a site as well as making people interested. Even if someone has not visited a site, he may feel interested in it by reading the RSS feeds from the site and want to explore it more.

The RSS feed is used by almost every popular web sites. They send their new and exciting news and offers to their regular visitors who has subscribed to their RSS feeds. In addition to the existing registered subscribers, they can send their feeds to possible new visitors by learning their email address. Gathering the email ids is not very difficult. You can get them from social networking sites.

To get full text RSS feeds, you will need an application that will generate the feeds. The reason for using an application to spawn the feed is it is a form of content management that is written in XML, a web language that is used for managing large quantity of data for the internet.

There are several programs for generating RSS feeds like Feeds API. A professional service like Feeds API offers some very exciting options to its clients. It has a free servicing section; but by registering to a premium account, you can use all of its features and get maximum benefits. You can create full text RSS feeds for your site contents very easily with just few mouse clicks and send them to the visitors and increase your site’s efficiency. Feeds API has excellent step by step guideline to teach you to create feeds for your site.

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