View Your Top Stories Seamlessly With Snackr and FeedsAPI

In this video, you will quickly understand how to partner your Snackr reader account with
FeedsAPI and fully curate the full text RSS feeds you desire. Your RSS feeds content will appear
effortlessly on your Snackr platform and you won’t know how you survived without it.
First, go to your FeedsAPI account and log-in. From there, click the ‘create full RSS’ button on
the page. There you will enter the full RSS URL that you are wanting to curate, in the text box
showing on the form. When you’re done there, hit the green button – you’ll be redirected to the
full text view of your selected RSS feed. Now here’s where we involve Snackr.


If you have an account, head over to your Snackr desktop reader application and open it up.
Once you’re in, you will see a ribbon at the bottom of the page with a scrolling view of all your
RSS feeds. In order to add the full text RSS generated from your FeedsAPI account, first copy
the full URL from the created web page and go to the Snackr application. Here, you will click the
plus icon (+) at the top of the page and paste the URL into the text box that pops up, click ‘OK’.


And, that is how it’s done – you will now see stories from that RSS feed scrolling along the
ribbon of your Snackr application at the bottom. To check out the full story, simply click on it.
You should now be able to easily and conveniently view the timely stories moving across your
bar. It just can’t get any easier thanks to FeedsAPI. Get story snacking!

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