Using Full Article RSS Feed

Sending full article as RSS feeds is not a common practice among the site owners. However, using full text RSS is getting more popularity with the growing competition of drawing more visitors to a website. The concept of RSS feed started with the idea to keep the visitors of a website updated about any new posts in that site. To get this update news, the visitor needs to register.

In general, only the title of the new post or article is send to the registered subscribers along with few magnetic lines so that it can attract the reader to read the full article. For doing that, he has to visit the website which is the main point of the whole thing. However, in recent years, people are getting more interested in getting information and they like to keep it simple. Instead of going through the whole website just to read a single article, people are now more interested in getting the whole article through the RSS feeds.

A site contains numerous images, ads and other contents which are often unusable for an eager reader. A large part of the readers are students, teachers, bloggers and researchers who have no interested in these extended contents. So using full article RSS feed can is very helpful for them as well as keeping their interest.

From the site owners’ point of view, there is a contradiction about using full text RSS feeds. From one side, the traffic in the site will be reduced and on the other side, he will get more registered subscribers. Now, both of these points are very important. However, the later one has greater significance. First of all, if the site is really good and can offer quality content, it will never lose focus from its visitors. Even if they send full article in their RSS feeds, they will still get a good number of visitors. Besides, they have even more chance of getting more popularity with the growing number of registered subscribers. And as long as they have a large group of subscribers, there is no chance of losing their rank in search results in the search engines. Instead, it might just go up.

So, there is no harm in using full article RSS feeds and doing it may even help to increase the popularity and rand of a site.

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