1- Content marketing softwares : Our SaaS : is a online software that can be used
as content marketing flagshiff software, the idea of this article is to present some content marketing
software along with our software, making our software stand out like the best solution without making
making it seem like the only solution the user should choose or too “selling our software” focus.

As you’re going about the day-to-day aspects of running your business, you know that you need to be
creating content. While you’ve got social media covered,your blog hasn’t been updated in a few weeks.
You know it’s important, but you’ve been busy, and you’re just not ready to hire a freelance writer to
start helping with the content marketing side of things.

This is where content marketing software comes in. You’ve subscribed to several blogs, and you get
their truncated feeds delivered to your email. Some content marketing software functions as
autoblogging tools, meaning that they not only will give you the full blog post from someone who
chooses to delivery a truncated feed, but the software can also post the content onto your blog, giving
your readers a plethora of fresh information, with much less effort from you. While it’s not a total
solution, adding autoblogging to your content marketing strategy is a good way to keep fresh, relevant
content on your site while not overwhelming you!

There are a variety of content marketing software solutions out there. I’ll go over a few that I’ve tried
and let you see the differences between them.

WPRobot – WPRobot has been around for a long time. It searches not only articles, but a variety of
defined feeds to give you the opportunity to pull content from a lot of different sources, including

Autoblogged – This software does some amazing things, including pulling images into your blog posts.
It uses RSS feeds to pull articles from topics that you determine ahead of time. Because it’s pretty
hands off, Autoblogged is often used on parked domains as a way to put some value into sites that
aren’t currently being used.

FeedsAPI – FeedsAPI not only lets you determine the topics you want, it uses the RSS feeds to directly
pull content from your competitors’ sites. It operates in real time, so you’re able to aggregate your
competition’s content right away, and make use of it to benefit your own community of readers, before
your competition is able to do that. FeedsAPI delivers a full feed to your email, so you can spot trends
in your industry, and make sure that you’re getting in on the newest things with your own fresh content.

While there are many content marketing software programs and plugins that do some of what Feeds
API does, I’m convinced that in the long term, because of the full feed and customization options,
FeedsAPI is the best solution to your content marketing needs.

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