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RSS has introduced a whole new dimension to our aspect in online news. Being informed about new events around the globe has never been so easier and not only for news, RSS feed gives us instant updates about any new article, blog or a new product from our favorite website. However, the biggest change is still in the news and media sector. It delivers us summarized text of the new update. In general, the feeds come in plain text format; however, with modern tools, you can style the feeds any way you like. For receiving new updates, you have to subscribe in the news site and you can subscribe as many sites as you like.

Almost all news sites in modern world offer RSS feeds. You can become a subscriber for the whole site and in this case, you will be notified as soon as a new post is published. Or you can subscribe by category. For example, you can register for sports news and as soon as any new sports news comes in, you will be informed. The news feed contains a link of the specific news and by clicking the link; you can directly visit the page that has the news. You don’t have to visit the whole website to find the desired post. Beside the categories, any smart news site will offer you subscription by writer or any special topic.

You can read RSS feeds of today’s latest news in your mobile phone, PDA or tablet. All the top operating system for these devices has their own RSS news reader that is pre-installed to these devices. As the RSS does not work like normal article or post in a web page, you will need a RSS reader to read it. The readers in those mobile gadgets are designed to give maximum comfort to the users and you can easily customize the options for your feed in your own way. You can add new online news sites and manage them in your expected order by fixing automatic update time table.

Like the mobile devices, you can read today top news from your favorite news sites by adding extensions and add-ons in your web browser. Besides that, there are many dedicated news reader from renowned brands like Google, Yahoo, AOL and many others. They are very well equipped to make your RSS today online news experience much better.

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