The Way Businesses Consume News & Information is Constantly Changing

rssWith the help of full text RSS feeds delivered right to you, being up-to-date with what’s new is very important for business leaders for them to make real time adjustments and formulate a more strategic marketing strategy.

Being always in the know is also necessary for your people, front-liners or not, to be informed and aware of the changes and other important matters.

Here are some things to remember in building business intelligence with your team.

Account management.

You should always follow the news about your current and target clients and the other issues that are currently affecting them, and might affect them in the future. By doing this, you are showing them that you are really concerned and always ready to give them a helping hand.

You should always be in the know of what are the new consumer trends, new insights and opinions of business gurus by monitoring people who are important in your industry. Always visit and read forum related to consumer reviews, blogs and even consumer review sites.

Consumer Sales.

Seeing a negativity in your competitors can be a great asset to your business. Try picking this one up, present this to your target market and slowly introduce the services you offer. In doing so, possible clients will feel your concern and also you will get a chance in pitching in a sale!

B2B Sales.

Updates can be considered in lead generation and bringing in up-to-date news on key prospects.

Customer Services.

If you heard problems and negative stories from your clients with one of your products or services offered, it is always beneficial for your business to understand where your clients are coming from. If there is no way for you to reach them in person, try reading their reviews and read their concerns. You might find the answer to the problem by reading the same articles that they are reading.

Monitoring changes in the stock market will be very beneficial to you. This can help you adjust your budget and might project some more adjustments in a couple of months from today.

Having your IT department abreast with the latest news and technology will be an asset to the company. We are living in a fast paced world now and being behind by a couple of minutes can definitely affect sales and income.

90% of the company’s revenue really depends on news and sources to be able to detect business opportunities. With the kind of world we are today, competitions are very stiff and being updated with what’s new by the minute can definitely salvage one’s business.

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