RSS and XML Feeds Web Content extraction

Sometimes when we are going through a web page, it is very important to retrieve only the contents that are very important for us. Usually a web page holds a lot of unnecessary contents including ads, images and online business clutters. Let alone the commercial sites, some of the most popular and well known blogs even do not give us the benefit of reading contents without being disturbed by ads. By using full text RSS feeds from Feeds API, we can eliminate all the redundant things from the web pages and extract exactly what we need. This offer is actually very appealing to a hard core web user who seeks real information from the internet. The best part is Feeds API offers this service for free with some conditions.

However, a premium version of this service gives more usability to the users and depending on your needs; you can select one from three offers for a very low price. Once you become a premium member, you will get full access to all benefits that are offered. You can create your own API for your site to send the information, blog or article to the subscribers. And the process of creating the RSS feed is so easy that you can do it with only a few clicks.

The RSS feed is actually a text file that converts your content into XML format. This is a web database language that is used to organized contents in a web site. Along with organizing the texts and articles, the RSS also keeps the update records and send update information to the subscribed users of the site. In a CMS (Content Management System) site, that holds massive amount of data and new data is updated on regular basis, generating RSS Feed in XML format is very easy. Most of the CMS platforms contain preprogrammed option for this.

On the other hand, a site that does not have CMS will require a third party software to convert its content in XML form and use it for RSS feed. If you are an expert in XML programming, you can do it in a text editing software; however, doing it regularly seems boring. And if you have a large volume of data, it will take a lot of time too. Plus there is a big chance that you will miss something important one day or another.

However, with automated software like Feeds API, there is a very little chance to leave any important information. It can generate the feeds in no time with absolute accuracy.

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