Effortlessly Integrate Full Text RSS Feeds with Instapaper like a Boss

Journalists, reporters, communications, and PR professionals are always seeking out new and
better ways to curate meaningful and timely information. It’s now more important than ever to
get on top of the curve with the wave in popularity of content marketing. FeedsAPI offers a
simple way to automate the process and help get through the weeds.
For this explanation, you will need an Instapaper account – and, if you don’t have one – it’s
worth looking into. Once you have the account set up along with an Instapaper email address,
you’re ready to rock. Let’s do this.
First, head over to your FeedsAPI account, log-in and access the team members area. Click “Add
new user” and input the associated Instapaper account email address that you set up, then click
“Save user.” Just a couple more steps.
From that point, you just click over to FeedsAPI at https://www.feedsapi.org , and click on the big
green button where a panel will appear. There, you will fill in the three required filed that
appear. At the top, enter the RSS URL of the content you want to syndicate. Below that, enter
the access key (the password you entered to log into FeedsAPI account), and finally, input your
Instapaper email address, and click the button at the bottom – there you have it.
It’s easier than ever to streamline your Full Text RSS Feeds with Instapaper. It’s insta-easy.
Your RSS feeds will now instantly display your Full Text RSS stories directly in your inbox. It’s
that simple. You’re welcome.

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