How-To Easily Syndicate Full Text RSS Content to Your Blogger Blog with FeedsAPI

FeedsAPI offers a cool new feature for the blogger-sphere. There is always a demand to stand
out and add value when it comes to blogging, and displaying Full Text RSS Feeds on your page is
a way to do just that. Not only is it a great resource and element for you, but it is a nice addition
to your page for followers and newcomers alike.

It’s easy to syndicate RSS feeds directly to your blogger account. Of course, you’ll need a
blogger account to associate to your RSS Feeds. So, get on that. Then, this video makes it easy
to see exactly how to connect the dots.
As discussed, you’ll just need to access your FeedsAPI account, log-in and go to the team
members area, and click “Add new user.” Enter the name of your blog along with the blogger
secret email address and click “Save user.” Easy, right?
From there, navigate to the FeedsAPI Home Page at, and click on the big
green button. When the panel pops up, you will see where to input the required information.
On the first line, just enter the RSS URL of the content you want to curate. Below that, enter the
access key (the password you entered to log into FeedsAPI account), and finally enter your
blogger email address and, oh snap – you’ve done it. Now, on your blogger platform, RSS feeds
will display directly on your blog page.
From here on out, you’ll see the Full Text RSS stories displayed directly on your blog. So,
congrats, you did it. You now have the knowledge to take and use in complementing your blog
in a powerful new way with Full Text RSS Feed optimization.

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