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RSS Post Importer

Finding great blog content can be a challenge for a blog owner. You’ve got a million things to do, between writing posts, building relationships on social media, putting together your newsletter and sourcing images. While being a blogger is an amazing job to have, some days, it feels like you won’t ever be able to walk away for a day or two, much less take a full blown vacation!


There are many solutions to help time crunched bloggers provide content to their readers without adding to their stress levels. Calling in guest bloggers, hiring a ghost writer, or opening their blog up to allow those in the same niche to have a byline are all fantastic ways to help a blogger deliver fresh, relevant content to his readers. While these solutions are viable time saving methods, they aren’t without their caveats. Each post must be carefully scheduled to make sure the content is being delivered as it should be.


Another option for busy bloggers is to add content syndication to the back end of their blog. Content syndication allows a blogger to import an rss feed from other blogs in his niche, allowing him to share relevant content with his readers, with far less of a time commitment than writing his own posts or scheduling guest bloggers and ghost writers. When a blogger imports an rss feed to post on his own blog, attribution is kept in place, so he’s not violating copyright.


RSS Post Importer handles all of that, making your blogging life much easier! Not only does it import a snippet of the rss feed, it imports the entire rss feed, allowing you to post the entire article on your site if you want. This means you’re providing your readers with relevant content on a daily, weekly, or even hourly basis, depending on the top of blog you’re running. RSS Post Importer is a great plug in for news aggregators, current events bloggers, or deal bloggers, as it keeps the fresh content that your readers love you for, coming on a regular basis!

You started your blog because you love to write, and while writing will always be the heart of your blogging business, a tool like RSS Post Importer makes it easy for you to import rss feeds directly to your blog, giving you valuable time away from your blog to focus on areas like promotion-or just take an afternoon at the beach! When you importing rss feeds as a part of your blogging strategy, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of increased content and a larger fan base, which will translate into more advertising dollars for your business!

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