RSS Excerpt Length Full Feed

RSS is a way of summarizing web contents and send it to the subscribers of the website. As the feeds are not exactly like articles in a web page, you cannot just read them in your web browser. Instead, you will need some applications for reading RSS feeds; especially for mobile phones. Most of the modern smart phones come with built in RSS reader which allows the user to maintain feeds by adding and removing new sites as well as fixing the schedule for automatic updating. Similarly, modern web browsers have extensions or add-ons to organize and read feeds.

For writing RSS feeds, similar to reading feeds, you will need a third party application which will automatically extract the excerpt or summary of the articles to create the RSS feed. There are many online service providers who offer to create feeds for their users with many customizable options. Traditionally, RSS feeds come in plain text format. But many of the service providers offer custom options for their clients. For example, you can have full length article rather than having just the excerpt. There are also some new amazing features like customizing fonts, colors and adding a nice background is also possible. These new features surely add an appealing look to the feeds.

XML is used for managing RSS. This is a very well developed and smart system. Most of the CMS (Content Management System) platforms like WordPress and Joomla come with built in feed creating options. You can use it with minimal effort. The best thing about these platforms is their XML file can use an external CSS file to decorate the feeds. So if you have knowledge about CSS, you can do it by yourself. Even if you are not familiar with CSS, you can easily learn it. With CSS, you can decorate the feeds any way you want.

Although using excerpt is the most common way for RSS, using full article is getting popular now days among the users. They don’t want to go through the whole website to read few articles. Not only it takes too much time but also there are plenty of irrelevant contents in most websites which do not attract most visitors. So to hold the interest of the readers, the site owners use full articles as RSS feeds. The third party service providers allow their users to customize the feed length as they want.

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