Create RSS Feed Page

RSS feed has surely changed our experience with news update system. It is a very smart way of getting informed about a new post in a website. Although RSS techniques were introduced a long time ago, it has not been developed a lot until recently. At the starting, RSS feeds came only in text form. […]

Extract Content from HTML

Extracting content from a website is a technique to gather information and arrange them in expected order. The process of extracting web content is not a simple task and for that, you will need special application. In a website, the contents are managed with web programming language like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which mainly […]

HTML Content Extraction

Content extraction and using it as RSS feeds in HTML is very easy. Like a CMS (Content Management System) platform that you use for blog and large content based website, you can use RSS in your static website, created only by HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The RSS is a way of sending news update […]

How to Get Full RSS Feed

Getting full RSS feeds of an article instead of getting its summary is not very different from technical point of view. Because of the popularity of using particle article, most of the RSS feed service providers offer partial feeds. Also the predesigned RSS coding is also designed to extract the excerpt of an article or […]