Media Monitoring is Evolving

05.19Media is dynamic. It is alive. One minute it’s like this, the next second it’s going to be different.

So, it really pays to monitor media very closely, most especially to the forms of media which can directly affect you and your business.

We are so into the idea of how the current media works however, it is also beneficial for us to forecast what media will be like in the next couple of years so that we will all be prepared and be able to adapt the changes right away.

20 years from now, the way we see and use media today will not be the same. Considering the fact that the main thing that we are using is technology, its advancements will definitely affect the forms of media of the future. We can definitely tell the future by simply studying and analyzing the current and emerging trends in media production and also how people consume, use and accept them.

Based on these factors, here’s how Media looks like 20 years from now.

Immersion. 20 years from now, everyone will be storage device free. Asking why? Well, everyone will be equipped with their very own personal clouds. Personal computers, mobile devices and home entertainment centers will then be inseparable with the other sources of media channels. Everything will be accessible by simply relying on one’s own personal network.

Interfaces. Increase in immersion will bring new interfaces that will help us connect to our personal networks even though we are miles away.

Accessibility. Smart phones and tablets are just few of the gadgets that we can expect in the next 20 years. They are giving us a great sneak preview of what to expect in the following years. Accessibility will never be an issue with the help of these gadgets.

Interactive Content. Social media really changed the way we react and produce media. They are now capable of giving the audience the power to interact when there are important events and news. Through this, people are becoming more aware when it comes to current events.

Specialized Content. Searching for a specific news or topic will never be the same. You don’t have to go to a library and scan the pile of call cards near the strict librarian. All you have to do is to type a specific topic in a search engine and voila! With the help of SEO and keywords, you can easily locate what you’re looking for.

Overwhelming it is, however, these are just predictions based on the current state of media. This will be subject to change. A new and different view in media monitoring might emerge and will eventually debunk all of these predictions. So, it is still better to be well-informed about the industry.

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