Market Intelligence vs. Worthless Chatter

There are a lot of minds talking out there. 95% of UK B2B marketers are said to be using some form of content marketing. Well, that’s a lot of marketers talking. The emphasis being put on contents became a core weapon in a marketer’s stash. But the result is a lot of noise, a lot of reading materials such as e-newsletters, blogs, reports, case, videos, etc.

Being exposed to a lot of mind talking can really lead you to catastrophe. It will just lead you to endless discussions, arguments and worse, virtual fights. This will just take your focus away from what you really are up to, that is to widen your network and to improve your business.

Preventing this from happening will be very easy if you know how to do media monitoring. This can help you cut or filter down unrelated topics, write-ups and others that you can consider noise that can make you lose your focus on your business.

Once you are able to filter down all of the relative data, it is now time to use those data correctly. Creating tactics or strategies is one important thing to do when you have extracted all the data you’ve collected from your media monitoring.

You see, when you are able to plan what to do with the bunch of data you have, things can become easier for you.

Considering that mostly contents are part of a disorganized world of information, the importance marketers place on content is high. Being said, manipulating content needs an isolated tactic, thus planning is really needed.

Aside from planning, creating an objective is a must. This will clarify your mind on which to focus to and which not to listen to. This will avoid you from being cluttered and going back to the virtual blur most marketers get into.

Out of the handful of data you have collected, then that is the time you create interesting contents. There are a lot of formats and channels available out there to execute your contents.

Technology plays a big role here. Digital techniques nowadays are exemplary to the point that you can convey a lot of messages in just one picture.

It is said that almost 25% of target audience tend to engage more with images rather than plain write-ups. Being exposed to new medium will definitely put justice to the long and gruesome process you have undergone just to extract the most important data that’s pertinent to your business.

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