Know What’s Happening In Your Niche through Newsfeeds

Media platforms today are very effective when it comes to widening one’s network. This can also serve as one of the greatest tools in monitoring and getting to know what’s happening to your niche.

There are a lot of instances that you happen to invest a lot of time and effort in creating such wonderful contents regarding your niche.

However at the end of the day, your articles turned out to zero views. You think you’re able to produce such interesting write ups, you think this will be trending to your community, and you are on the verge of giving up because of these.

Well, you are not alone.

There are a lot of businesses who have and are still experiencing the same as you are. You are not alone, it’s normal. However, you can prevent this from happening in the future by simply doing the following:

Manage your news feed.

The best way to keep on track of your niche is to segment your news feed into interest lists. This will give you a quicker way to sort and filter reams of content that you see through your news feed every hour. This is also a very convenient way to stay updated with what’s new and what’s trending in an hourly manner. You should also make sure to add influential people and interesting pages related to your niche or industry. By doing this, you are filtering the flow of information in your news feed.

Subscribe to several social networking sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and such a like.

By subscribing to these sites, you are also subscribing to the most interesting topics in the whole world. However, in order for you to follow relevant tweets and Subreddits, make sure to know exactly what your interests and your niches are. It can be so tricky to find what’s relevant in your niche unless you really know exactly what you want and what you are looking for.

Hashtag It!

You can definitely know what’s hot and what’s not when you use hashtag. Newsfeeds from Twitter and Facebook is equipped with hashtagging abilities – meaning clicking a hashtagged word that you see can definitely take you to a list of posts from other people all over the world talking about the topic you are into at a certain period of time. You can definitely know what people are talking about especially in your network when you make use of hashtags.

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