Is Google’s Boolean Search Capabilities Enough For Your Online News Monitoring Needs?

News today is best monitored on the internet. We can capture clips and information not usually available on print media – like videos or short live interview clips. Moreover, there’s lots of news that are not available via print. The question is, for searching the latest news online, can Google deliver all the relevant information you need?

While Google offers us a great opportunity to get the latest news and the best search results, they might also miss some clips. But this is a huge improvement than manually monitoring news via print, right?

Online news monitoring provides timelier information. By the time some news hit the newsstand, chances are they have been made available the day before via online news portals. So this means while you’re sleeping, someone else might already be capitalizing on this information if you don’t keep yourself on top of this emerging news and trends.

There are free online news monitoring services – usually supported by advertising. The leader is Google News. While it offers reasonably good coverage of news sources, it is not as extensive as the subscription services. They can also send you news alerts via e-mail with articles containing the keywords you specify. However, there are drawbacks to the free online news monitoring services. There’s a huge chance they won’t be able to deliver all the clips you need. Google uses its algorithms to deliver only what they consider the most relevant or important articles.

While for “market intelligence” purposes this may be enough, it may prove untrue in as far as public relations monitoring and measurement is concerned.

To get everything you need in Google News, you’ll need to monitor multiple key words or phrases. The Boolean search capabilities in Google News are not as advanced as some of the paid subscription services – like FeedsAPI. Thus expect to get at times inaccurate, or irrelevant results. And this is especially true when the brand you’re monitoring has numerous namesakes online.

In addition to that, there’s no way you can store in a single place all the news information you need unless you have someone who’ll be monitoring all the links Google will be sending your way. This can prove to be a tedious and time-consuming task in the long run.

When you subscribe to an online news monitoring service, likes FeedsAPI, you can expect advanced Boolean logic to minimize irrelevant clips and all your news are presented in a better way.

What online news monitoring service are you using and how is it delivering so far?

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