Improve Your Blogger Outreach With Full Text RSS Feed in 5 Easy Steps

Before we start, let’s have a look at the difference between guest posting and blogger outreach. Blogger outreach is the process of identifying and building relationships with industry influencers in your niche. These key influencers will help you establish your brand’s identity and authority in the market due to their huge influence and great market perception. However, this is easier said and done, and this is where FeedsAPI full text RSS feed reader can also help!

Here are some steps you can take to improve your blogger outreach:

Find influential blogs.

 It is best to narrow your search as much as possible while you’re still starting on this. There are thousands of blogs out there and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Find sites that resonate well with you and your business.

Identify the site owner.

 Look for influencers in your niche which you think you can engage with more easily. These include some people you have previously connected with, albeit in a very minor way. This way, you can plan your progress as well.

Add the site in your FeedsAPI full test RSS feed reader.

By doing so, you can easily monitor whenever new blog posts are published on their site. You’ll also be able to analyze what topics resonate with these influencers well. Eventually, you’ll be able to engage with them by leaving comments on their post. Just make sure these comments will add value to the conversation, and not just the “Great post,” or “Thanks for sharing,” types of comments.

Start building a relationship.

 One characteristic that most bloggers likely share is their keen interest to always share something new. So while you’re leaving comments on their posts, and also engaging with them via social media, share with them good tips as well. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable engaging with you and more likely to help you when you ask them to spread the word about you. This type of relationship is critical to creating a long-term blog outreach strategy.

Monitor the results.

This may sound obvious, but you must make sure to track how your activities with them are working. By doing this, you’ll be able to analyze where you need to give more focus on.

How is your blogger outreach working for you so far? And what tools are you using to keep track of influencer activities in your niche?

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