How to Turn a Short RSS Feed Into a Long Text RSS Feed

It is very simple to turn a short RSS feed into a longer text version. The short feeds only give you
part of the text that you want, and you need to visit the website to get the full blog, article or
anything else that you want to read. You don’t always have the capabilities to check the full website;
nor do you always want to. Here are very simple steps to turn it into a long text RSS feed.



The first thing to do is visit the website Once there, you will need to create a new
account, which gives you your access key.

Click on “Start Monitoring”

There is a large green button at the bottom of the page, which says “Start Monitoring.” Click this and
a pop up window appears with the instructions. Just enter the RSS feed that you want made longer
and your access key that you got during step one. You don’t need to fill out the rest of the
information if you don’t want.

“Click Me to Do the MAGIC THING”

At the bottom of the form, you will see a big blue button that says “click me to do the MAGIC
THING.” Click this and you will be taken to your new page. This is the URl of the full text RSS feed for
the site that you wanted.

Follow the Website

Now you can follow your new long text RSS feed by clicking the green button at the top that says
“subscribe.” There are a few options of how to subscribe to your new long text feed to receive it in
your inbox. There are other options depending on your needs for your new long text RSS feed.


The good news is this method works with all internet browsers, so you can sit in peace to read your
RSS feed on the go or at the comfort of your home computer.
It is very easy to turn that shorted RSS feed into a long one. There is no need to visit the website
again. You can set up every website RSS feed you have followed in the past and receive the full
pieces straight to your inbox.

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