How to Enable Full Text Feed With WordPress

Creating wordpress full text RSS feed is very easy. As one of the most popular and well developed CMS (Content Management System) platform, wordpress has readymade settings to setup and manage RSS feeds and the user can establish his feed settings with a few mouse clicks. There are also several customization options which allow the users to gain more control over his feed subscription and feed posting.

WordPress is extensively used for blogging and everybody knows how important the RSS feed is for blogging. Bloggers use this technology for promoting their posts and alerting their subscribers as soon as any new post is published. This content managing platform is also used by news sites where new content is updated on regular basis and they need to post messages to their subscribers about the new contents constantly. Apart from these two groups, wordpress is widely used by online business owners to manage and display their products.

To enable full text feed with wordpress, you have more than a few options. One of the most popular among them is FeedBurner from Google. You may also want to try a third party application like Feeds API. This amazing application is very easy to use and it has some of the most useful features that you may need to publish your web content in RSS format.

If you are using Feeds API or any other RSS application, you will get a one or two line code in HTML format. You just have to copy and paste this piece of coding in the text widget from the Widgets tab in your wordpress dashboard. You can place the widget in the sidebar or in the footer depending on where you want to place the RSS subscription for the visitors and the location of the widget areas. The locations are determined by the site developer.

The other way of creating full text feed with wordpress is using plug-ins. There are numerous plug-ins available for wordpress and many of them are written for RSS feeds. You can download a nice plug-in from the official wordpress site or pay a plug-in developer for creating a custom one for you. Some of the plug-ins are specially designed for a particular RSS feed service (like FeedBurner or Feeds API) and some can work with multiple services. You need to find the most suitable one according to your need.

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