How to Create RSS Feed

If you have a website that is based on a CMS (Content Management System) platform like WordPress, you don’t have to worry about the RSS feeds for your site. CMS is a very useful and secure way of managing RSS feeds and best thing is, as a website owner, you do not need to do any programming for creating the feeds. It has built-in functions for creating RSS feeds that only requires some very basic settings which can be done from the control panel with a few mouse clicks. The only things you have to do manually are finding the link of the feeds and write it down in the option box in the control panel. Once you are done with that, your server will automatically create RSS feeds according to your preferences and send it to the users on regular basis.

Things are not so easy for a static website. A static website is mainly programmed in HTML with help from some other languages; mostly from CSS, PHP and ASP. But they do not have a built-in RSS option. If you have such website, you need to create the feeds manually in one of these languages: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and ASP and set it up to your hosting server. Using one these languages makes it dynamic and secure. Besides, you will need to use a server to distribute the feeds rather than doing it from the clients’ computer. So you need a server side language.

The feeds content is organized in XML; another language to organize massive amount of contents. So your first job is to create the XML file and then use a server side language to create a link to distribute the XML among the computers of the RSS subscribers.

If doing all these sounds Greek to you, it would not be a smart choice for you to create the feeds on your own. You should use third party programs instead. There are plenty of free and paid applications that offer to create, design, manage and distribute RSS feeds for the site owners. Many of them are really good and offer numerous options for its clients. For example, you can use Feeds API or FeedBurner for creating and sharing feeds of your website among the members. Feeds API is a solely operated feed service that offer exclusive features to its users for free. FeedBurner is a Google program for RSS feeds which is also free to use.

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