How to Choose A Great WordPress Plugin to Bring Content Curation to Your Blogs

We have so many options for collecting new content every day. As many as these options are the tools we can use to curate content. From time to time, we hear about some announcements that a new content curation tool or plugin has entered the market.

And yes you guessed it right, not all of them are created equal!

While we may all disagree on which tool is the best, for sure there’s no doubt that looking for great contents manually is not convenient and it can prove to be a great time suck!

Using a Content Curation Plugin on Your WordPress Site

Pulling contents from other sources can help you post new blog posts in less time. Remember however that this is all about 90% aggregation and 10% curation. Aggregation is just a first step you need to take for a quality curation activity. The editing part, where you add your own insights and put context into the post, is where you add value to your target audience.

Start by discovering relevant sources of information and then get an automated tool to curate information from those sources and publish it on your blog.

Here are some attributes to a great content curation plugin for your wordpress blog:
• It pro-actively finds the contents you want – based on your keywords or search terms, or industry and niche. No need to spend time searching for more and better posts because they’re able to pull in the contents you need.
• It allows you to see the full article without having to switch in between pages or tabs. Thus, it enables you to select the articles that you find most interesting fast.
• It can handle hundreds of articles a day for you to read.

Thus, a great content curation wordpress plugin is like having someone to do the legwork for your content marketing strategy.
• Discover contents based on your keywords or industry.
• Save them as draft on you wordpress website.
• Allows you to edit and put context into the curated content.

FeedsAPI’s Content Curation Plugin

FeedsAPI allows you to easily import and publish Full Text RSS Posts from one or several RSS feeds sources to your WordPress blog. You can set it on auto-pilot and publish posts while you are taking your vacation on a beach or doing some other work. It makes your blogging and content syndication strategy life much easier!

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