How To Be a Content Curation Pro

Before we proceed to some tips on how to be a content curation pro. Let’s first differentiate these 2 things: curated content and content curation.


Curated content means a collection of available contents online presented to you in an organized manner for your reading consumption.


Content curation as a part of your content marketing strategy on the other hand hopes to provide more value by adding additional perspective or interpretation that matches your target audience’s needs.

 Having said that, here are some quick tips on how to be a content curation pro:

Don’t just copy and paste an entire blog, or parts of it, into your own blog without giving an overview or insights about what made you decide to share them. Copying a title as well as the URL are more appropriate for sharing on your social media profiles, but not on your website.


Don’t forget to give proper credits where due – remember that your original source also spent valuable time and resources to be able to come up with the article which you have found. Don’t ever pretend even for a minute that you have full credits.


Give it your own twist by adding your own perspective, or your own views. This may take some of your time, but this enables you to pitch to your target audience the benefits of your products or services in a more subtle and engaging way.


Have a great instinct for sharing good content. How? Consume as much online content as possible. Don’t just read the article or blog posts’ titles, and don’t forget to learn continuously.


Lastly, but definitely not the least, use tools like FeedsAPI’s Full Text RSS Feeds to find great content.

Learning from the Best

The Huffington Post has been said as the master of content curation. And it has become an integral part of their content marketing strategy in providing newsworthy content at an unbelievably fast rate. While they have a great team of editorial staff which is able to produce unique content, they also curate content that are aligned to human-interest topics – which prove to be fascinate a lot of readers.


Another one is Upworthy. They produce very little original content but they have a team that’s great at spotting rising stories and adding their insights to it. What’s more, they create amazing titles that leave audience with no more option than to click their stories simply because they are really that good. Talk about headlines that really convert!

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