How Do You Go About Selecting A Media Monitoring Subscription Service?

Here are questions you need to focus on if you want to find the right media monitoring service for your business:


  1. What type of information do I need to monitor?


This will help you get on the right track in looking for a media monitoring tool. If you must monitor news, is it to create influence, to mitigate negative feedback, etc? This way, you begin by identifying your goal which will help you determine how you intend to use the information you’ll get through news monitoring.


  1. Can I customize the media monitoring tool to meet my specific needs?


This will help you determine the functionalities or features you really need. It’s very easy to get caught up in the “shiny, new features” without realizing that they might be just a distraction later.


  1. Is a free tool good enough?


As discussed in our previous posts, it is of utmost importance to know the disadvantages and disadvantages of a free online media monitoring tool. If you think a free tool is good enough for you, better think again.


  1. If you opt for a paid service, how much will it cost?


Be wary of paid services too as there can be some hidden costs at times. Before signing up for a service, best if you can have a free trial first to help you evaluate the tool and see if it’s really worth it.


  1. What’s the track record or reputation of the online monitoring tool?


How does the system work? Are they missing clips which are important? Look for online reviews about the tools and their services. Check what their customers are saying about them.


  1. How will this tool make my life a lot easier?


This question may prove to be the hardest one, and it’ll greatly depend on how the tool will meet your specific needs. At the end of the day, you need a tool that’ll increase your team’s productivity, save you time and other valuable resources by finding relevant articles for you from different sources.

How simply the tool works is also very important as time allocated for training, or getting used to it, can also make a huge difference.

Choosing the right online media monitoring tool needs careful consideration and some time. In today’s market where everyone is competing for attention, you must not settle for an inferior and over-priced service which is just all for pomp and show.

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