How Can a Blog Drive Your Business’ Growth?

In the past years, it has been said that “Content is king.” And that still holds true. However, amongst many businesses which scrambled to create and publish content, not all of them were lucky enough to leverage their posts and make them as possible growth drivers for their business.

Sadly, too many people and businesses are doing the same as everyone else – spending too much time and resources creating content in the hope that these will drive enough visitors to the site which will eventually be buyers and customers. But that’s not simply the way it is!


It’s not just creating content anymore. It’s about creating content that drives growth which isn’t as easy as simply pumping out the same piece of writing as everyone else is doing.


Before anything else, let us define your goal for content marketing. Is it to create brand awareness? Lead generation? Conversation with the customers? Customer service? Getting subscribers? After you have truthfully answered this question, then next step is to understand your readers and what they want.


Then the next important part… coming up with the right content!


2 Ways to Generate Contents That Really Matter


Does it mean a business needs to spend lots of money in order to create contents that really matter? Not necessarily, what businesses need is the right technique to be able to discover great content and leverage them.

 The Skyscraper Technique


The skyscraper technique has been a technique that’s proven to really work, and the good thing is that it’s a fairly simple method. By using a simple online tool, you’ll be able to see the top contents for a given set of keywords or ideas. This is a great way to find some new blog post ideas, and create good quality inbound links from your post.


Content Curation


Another way for creating good quality content on your post and getting to link to top influencers in your niche is by curating content. As defined by Wikipedia, it is “the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.” How to do this? By using RSS feeds that’ll help you have access to top contents by top influencers in your niche that you follow.


How about you? What have you done to gain access to top blogs that you can use as resource materials for your blog posts?

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