Hit the Ground Reading with Vienna Reader and FeedsAPI

In this quick video, you will learn how to fully integrate a full text RSS feed from FeedsAPI to
Snackr, a desktop RSS news reader. This simple process will make it easier than ever to
syndicate and curate your RSS feed content on Vienna news reader.


To start, head over to your FeedsAPI account and log-in. Next, click the ‘create full RSS’ button
on the main page. There you will enter the full RSS URL that you are seeking to expand in the
text box showing on the form. Once that is complete, hit the green button where you’ll be
redirected to the full text view of the chosen RSS feed. Now we’re getting somewhere.


Next, head over to your Vienna application and launch the news reader. Once that is open,
you’ll see a panel appear for you to add the RSS feed you’ve chosen. To add the full text RSS
generated from your FeedsAPI account, just copy the full URL from the web page you’ve
opened and go to the Vienna reader application. Here, you will click the plus icon (+) at the top
of the page and paste the URL into the text box that appears. And, there you have it – you now
have successfully merged your full text RSS feed to your Vienna account flawlessly.


You should now be linked up and able to take full advantage of the benefits of merging your full
text RSS feeds with your Vienna news reader application. Get busy!

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