Full VS Partial RSS Feeds

I am not the only one who is confused about the rightness of full and partial article RSS feeds. Among the tech enthusiasts who spend most of the time in the internet and genuinely read blogs and article on different topics, it is a very disturbing question. As for these people, full article serves much better than a RSS feed that only have article or blog title or even have a summarized mini article of the whole article.

First of all, in case of partial RSS feeds, the reader only gets to know the title and the most interesting part of the article. So what if the rest of the article is dull? So if you visit the website to read the whole article after finding the summary interesting and later find it boring, it will not only waste your time but also will create annoyance. This reason alone should be good enough for the site owners to select full text article as the RSS feed for their website instead of using partial RSS.

The fear that drives the site owners to use summarized RSS feeds instead of full article is the possibility of losing traffic from the site. But this is not a very strong logic. People will definitely visit a website if it can maintain quality. Even if the feeds carry the full article, people will seek other articles and content which are similar to the ones they like by visiting that particular site. Also, there are plenty of other contents in a website including images and videos that will create interest to the visitors.

And finally, even if people do not want to visit a website when they get full article right in their RSS feeds; there is a good chance that they will abandon a website if they get partial content in the feeds and visit the site to read the full article and later find it tedious. In this case, there is a good chance that the reader will unsubscribe his membership. By providing full article RSS feeds, the site owners can at least keep his registered subscribers even if the content is not interesting enough. So my vote goes to full RSS feeds over partial RSS feeds for any website that want to keep its subscribers anyway possible.

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