FeedsAPI Boosts Digg Reader with Expanded Content

Digg Reader with Full Text RSS Feeds

In this short video tutorial, you will learn how to sync up your Digg Reader application with
FeedsAPI in order to maximize your full text RSS feed stories as curated content, simply by
subscribing to the service through FeedsAPI.

First, log-in to your FeedsAPI account and click the ‘create full RSS’ button that you will see on
the page. After that, you will enter in the full RSS URL that you wish to utilize in the text box
appearing on the form. Once that’s done, click the green button and FeedsAPI will redirect you
to the full text view of the RSS feed you chose.
Now, simply click the subscribe button on the page – this will open up a panel for you to choose
the desired RSS reader. To select the Digg Reader RSS service, click ‘view the full list of services’
button. You will need to create an account for each specific service before being allowed access
to the RSS feed, for the options listed. This will expand the Feeds API panel, revealing all of the
available RSS readers. Scroll to and click the Digg Reader option. FeedsAPI will open a new
browser window and redirect you to your Digg Reader account home page. There you will see
the RSS feed displayed on the screen. Click the ‘add’ button on the right. In the menu on the
left a new RSS feed will show. Clicking that will deliver the full list of stories. To read them, just
click on the one you want.
Now you have the ability to access full stories straight from your Digg Reader account due to
the genius at FeedsAPI.

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