Will Full Text RSS Feeds Lessen Blog Comments on Your Site?

The fear of every blogger is, in my opinion, this: Getting ignored! Ouch!
This is one of the challenges that you have to understand if your goal is to make a mark in the blogging industry. Chances are some of the readers might love your contents, while some won’t. But how you present your topic might make the readers consider taking you in.
It has always been a debate for a long time, if a full text RSS feed can be more beneficial to you as a blogger, or is it better to keep it mysterious by using a partial RSS feed. Giving consideration that you would want to build a community within your website, you would want to display on‐screen something that will really catch the reader’s attention.
Between a full text RSS feed and a partial RSS feed, some will recommend a partial RSS – for the reason that the article you wrote is not given fully to the readers. Choosing a partial feed will require you to write an eye‐catching introduction to make the reader click on the link that will redirect them to your website.
A partial RSS is one trick to gather more site visitors, and possibly hit more comments from them, as they are FORCED to visit your website in order to read the full article you wrote. Pretty sneaky, huh?
On the other hand, if you are a bit friendlier and more confident about the value you give to your readers, you would want to give your articles in full.
The advantage of a full text RSS delivery is in providing convenience to your readers as they have the benefit of reading your article right on the spot. Of course, this would mean that you are also risking losing them after they read your article. But this is a wrong concept. Once a reader is hooked, you know they will go to extra lengths in knowing you more. This is the challenge of getting them obsessed with your blogs. Make something that will make them go to your website and crave to interact with your community.
This isn’t forcing the readers to visit your blog like a partial RSS feed does. This simply means that they loved you up-front, and would want to visit your website as they might be missing more from your lovely works if they don’t.
Still can’t decide between a full and a partial feed? 
Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below!

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