Full Text RSS Feeds in RSSOwl

It’s time to introduce your RSSOwl application to FeedsAPI. They just need to meet. In this
video you will learn how to bring over a full text RSS feed from FeedsAPI to RSSOwl desktop RSS
news reader. Whooo’s ready.

To make it happen is simple. Go ahead and log-in to your FeedsAPI account, click the ‘create full
RSS’ button on the page, and then enter the full RSS URL in the text box on the form. When
you’re finished, click the green button, where you’ll be redirected to the full text view of the
RSS feed you selected.

Once you have rssowl application installed on computer open it up, tis will opens upa panel for
you to add rss feed, to add full text rss generated from feedsapi account, first copy full url from
generated web page then head to rssowl app and click plus icon in top left, finally paste url into
the text box as shown and click finish. Feeds has been added successfully. You will now see RSS
stories in panel on the right.

It’s time to take full advantage of all your RSS feeds have to offer by using your RSSOwl news reader.

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