Revamp Sputnik as a Full Text RSS Reader Engine

This simple video will guide you through how to incorporate a full text RSS feed to your Sputnik
application. As you will soon discover, there are many reasons why this tool will enhance your
user experience on the desktop RSS news reader – and you’ll wonder how you ever survived
without it.

So, first things first. Once you’re logged in to your FeedsAPI account, click the ‘create full RSS’
button on the page, then enter the full RSS URL that you are wanting to curate in the text box
on the form. Once you’ve inputted that, click the green button where you’ll be redirected to the
full text view of your RSS feed. Pretty cool, right?
Now, go ahead and install the Sputnik app on your device if you haven’t already done so, and
launch the application on your computer. After you’ve opened it, this will reveal a panel for you
to add an RSS feed. To add the full text RSS generated feed from your FeedsAPI account, simply
copy the full URL from the generated web page then navigate to the Sputnik app and click ‘add
feed’ to paste the URL in the box shown. And, now you have applied your full text RSS feed to
your Sputnik account successfully. You will now be able to see the stories you want in the panel
on the right.
With this powerful tool, Sputnik becomes your wheelhouse of targeted news content. Eliminate
all the fluff, and focus on the content that matters to you. It’s that easy, thanks to FeedsAPI.
Get reading!

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