Full or Partial RSS Feeds

From many researches, it has been found that full article RSS feeds give the same result just like partial RSS feeds. The clicks through rate for the links that are attached in the feeds are same for both types. This result struck down the core idea for preferring partial RSS over full content RSS. Most site owners believe that using partial feed is much more effective for getting higher traffic in a website; however, that is not a right decision. The best way to draw more visitors in a site is by providing quality for a long time. If the quality of your content and article or blog is attractive, people will visit your site like a moth to a flame regardless of your feed length.

Another important reason for using partial RSS feeds is to protect content from stealing by the scraper sites. However, this one is not also very logical as the scraper sites can still steal your content even if you publish partial RSS feeds. Most of the time, subscription to a site is free unless we are taking a service from the site. So anyone can register for the feeds and once they get the feed, they can visit the website to find the full content which is also vulnerable to steal. So using partial RSS feed is not a smart choice for protecting contents in a website; instead the site owners should use some other techniques, like using Copyscape to check for copied content on regular basis. Also using plug-ins for protecting copy right of the feeds is very effective.

So the common reasons for favoring partial RSS feeds are not very rational. On the other hand, you have nothing to lose for using full article RSS feeds. There is a possibility that you will get more registered members in your site if you use full RSS feed as people are more likely to subscribe for full feeds. Also, if you are in online business or marketing, you will get more space for showing your products or offering discounts to the customers if you are using full RSS. You can also include more content to convince your customers. Besides that, you will be able to keep your subscribers happy by providing full RSS feed as it saves a lot of time. So think before you make a decision in favor of partial RSS feeds for using in your website.

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