FeedsAPI Isn’t Just Another Google Reader Solution

feedsapiGoogle Reader was killed and wrapped in a wooden coffin and tossed in the arms of history without much rhyme or reason.

Thousands of subscribers have panicked, facing the next question of how one can salvage the feeds that one have already invested in with the G-Reader. Not only that, but killing Google Reader was like getting rid of a reliable newsboy who’s sure to deliver your paper everyday, and taking away your sweet time reading it as you sip your morning coffee.

The best thing to do in times like these is to take heed in what Yoda has said, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Good thing, some really good alternatives rose to the occasion and have proven themselves as great options for the reader that everybody used to love. And FeedsAPI is one of them!

While there are many other alternatives that can take the place of Google Reader, something that comes with more admirable features than your usual RSS feed is a welcome relief. FeedsAPI has the capabilities to interact with different programs and applications and much, much more.

FeedsAPI offer services in the mobile format, and further syncs several apps simultaneously. You will discover that FeedsAPI is not just a fast hoarder of information but can also also present the news in an eye-catching interface. It also brings the promise of becoming the next generation in content-sharing.

With Google’s Hummingbird that was rolled out last year, getting news and information fast is your best route for creating rich and compelling posts for your content marketing strategy. FeedsAPI converts your usual truncated feeds into full text RSS feeds.

What’s the beauty of this cool feature? That simply means not having to click on a link and visit a webpage just to see the whole content that you want to consume. You can already read everything without having to leave your news feed, and easily analyze whether a particular post is of value to you, or if it’s what you really need.

Although none could replace the Google Reader’s services, FeedsAPI has been proven capable to deliver a great RSS news feed-reading experience more effectively.

Discover more why FeedsAPI is not just another Google Reader alternative. Make content curation easier and faster! Make your reading experience a whole lot better as FeedsAPI turns your truncated RSS feeds in to full text RSS.

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