FeedsAPI Integration Now Available on WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator + Full Text RSS Feeds

We love collaboration. And we only team up with the best people. The awesome guy from WP RSS Aggregator, developer Jean Galea, partnered with FeedsApi to give you the finest full RSS aggregator for your blogs.

Just to give you a bit of a background about WP RSS Aggregator- it basically gives your website the ability to curate content from your favorite blogs from all over the Internet. You decide which content you want to use via a simple plug that can easily be installed on your WordPress site and equally very easy to use.

By emerging the power of the RSS aggregator plugin and Feeds Api’s full RSS feed feature,  bloggers can now integrate not just blurbs and short snippets but content in its entirety, including images and links. This is a very powerful tool for people who are into auto-blogging and those looking to add news and updates from top websites under a specific industry or niche.

How did FeedsApi make WP RSS Aggregator even better? If you want to give more valuable content to your audience, you don’t want to give them a teaser, you give them full content.  Plus, full content will make your visitors stay on your site longer because you don’t need to direct them to the source.

With FeedsApi’s robust platform, it is WP RSS Aggregator’s obvious choice amongst similar competitors. “When we tested the FeedsAPI service it proved to be very fast and reliable. These are two important assets that other free full text services cannot provide and therefore the integration option became very attractive.”, as published on their official blog.

FeedsApi integration is part of WP RSS Aggregator’s Feed to Post plugin. This premium tool gives users a number of useful customization features including the ability to import full feeds and add videos and audio content from compatible platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcould. Users can also set post status, append text to content, remove elements and other awesome customization features.

WP RSS Aggregator Feed to Post plugin (which includes Feeds API Integration) is sold for a single site license for $67. We are so excited about this collaboration that we are giving current customers of WP RSS Aggregator a whopping 50% discount off on our regular subscription fees. Isn’t that awesome?

If you want to grab this powerful content plugin, do it right now. Click here!

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