Extract Content from HTML

Extracting content from a website is a technique to gather information and arrange them in expected order. The process of extracting web content is not a simple task and for that, you will need special application. In a website, the contents are managed with web programming language like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which mainly fixes the structure of a web page. It works on the back end of the page and we cannot see it directly when we visit a website; however, what we see the result of what HTML does. Everything places in a webpage including text, images, videos, ads and other contents are formatted with HTML. So what we need to extract content from a website is a program that can work on the back end, deal with the core HTML coding and bring us what we need.

Gathering content from a website is very important for online marketing and e-commerce. They are frequently used by business organizations, government and non-government institutes, researches and individuals. This is very important and useful for online business to evaluate market status and determining market demand. This has huge impact on making business strategy and policy. For research and statistical institutes, the importance of gathering data from the internet is very crucial. The result can affect national and international policy making in greater extent. For individuals, the internet is the main source of knowledge and information. By extracting data from the internet allows them to be informative and updated on their subject of interest.

Internet has become the major source of data flowing. People share everything in internet and it has solution for everything. We can connect with the other end of the world in a moment by using internet. There are millions of web pages that hold information on anything we can think of. So the necessity of saving data is unfathomable.

There are many service websites that offer data extraction from websites. They have their own API which can dig up only the desired content from a webpage right from its HTML coding. Feeds API is one of such service provider that offers extract content from HTML for its users. By using the amazing features of Feeds API, you can save the extracted content for yourself or use it as RSS feeds for the subscribers of your website.

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