Easily Discover The Best of the Best Stuff to Read, And Share It On Your Website

We are inclined to think that the RSS feed readers are there solely for the purpose of ….errr, reading! We visit our RSS feeds on a daily basis to see the latest news in the same way that we read newspaper. However with FeedsAPI full text RSS feeds, it not only helps you easily discover the best of the best stuff to read online. It also helps you easily share great posts on your website as well.


Full-text RSS feed help you read the latest blogs as they get published, but you can also leverage it to:

  • Give you significant progress in your guest-posting efforts by allowing you to learn he unique “voice” of industry websites and influencers
  • Helps you increase your blogger outreach by enabling you to engage with different blog owners
  • Helps put everything you need in one place for your article-writing needs


To get your started, remember to start gathering blogs which are related to your niche. They may be blogs from:

  1. Industry influencers
  2. Industry-leading websites
  3. Competitor blogs


After you have identified your lists of sites, add them into your RSS feed reader.


Now when you are in need of fresh content for your website and is still running low on content ideas, you can easily turn to your RSS feed. You can read and scan through a great list of posts for inspiration. Even with the older posts saved in your archived list, you can create new posts by simply updating all data and facts if they are already superseded by new information.


By simply logging in to your FeedsAPI full text RSS feeds, in as short as a few minutes, you can easily check and monitor any developments within your industry and easily share it with your blog readers. Moreover, if you are continually providing your followers with fresh insights, this will enable you to position yourself as an authority within your niche.


Now, FeedsAPI full text RSS feeds has taken this a step further by allowing you to install its plugin directly to your wordpress website.


Now, what does this mean?


You can share articles from blogs you follow to your site without having to switch pages. All you need to do is to install the FeedsAPI full text RSS feeds plugin and you’re all set.

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