Drudge Report RSS News Feed

The Drudge Report is a U.S. Internet news aggregator website owned and operated by Matt Drudge.  Drudge rarely authors his site’s news stories, but instead usually provides links to mainstream articles.  The content consists of news regarding sports, entertainment and politics.  One of the attractions of Drudge Report is that most of the stories are of a breaking nature, and are often listed on the site before other major news outlets publicize the stories.  In some instances, like the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal, Drudge Report has broken important news first.


A Drudge Report RSS is a news feed that enables a computer user to get information from the Drudge Report website without having to visit the site and refresh the page to check for new information.  RSS technology came into common usage in early 2007. A user obtains a “reader,” such as Google Reader, FreeReader or NewzCrawler.  The user then subscribes to Drudge Report by clicking on the standard orange and white reader icon on Drudge Report.

Using a Drudge Report RSS feed has multiple benefits.  Since the Drudge Report website updates several times an hour, the site can be difficult to keep up with.  Drudge Report consists of only text, so figuring out what has recently changed would be time consuming.  With Drudge Report RSS, whenever something changes on the site, a notification will appear in the user’s reader.  Since many stories on Drudge Report are breaking news, the RSS feed can help the diligent follower of news stories stay as current as possible.

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