Display Full Text RSS Article with Magpie

Magpie RSS is a web feed that that is built for PHP as an Atom parser. RSS is a way of reading blogs, news, articles and contents from a website without getting interrupted by ads. The reader gets only the important texts in plain format from a site he has subscribed each time the site is updated. This is a very popular way to attract the readers as well as keeping them well-run about the new topics. To make the RSS feeds organized, there are several online service providers who offer to produce RSS feeds for the sites of their customers.

However, for publishing contents from a website, it is required to use a server side language and what is better and more secure than PHP as a server language? PHP is supported by every web hosting providers and widely used in CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla! This is also usable with full HTML sites as well as a third party blogging site like blogger.com. The most important thing is no matter how you run your site, PHP sure makes it secure, fast and easy to maintain.

Magpie is one of the techniques that completely depends on PHP and provide excellent feed support for the site owners. To use Magpie RSS feeds, you only need a few lines of coding which is available in many web tutorials as well as the official Magpie page. To make things simple, you can easily download magpie codes from sourceforge.net, a widely popular site to download open source software for free. There have been several versions; however, to get the best result and support with the latest platforms, it is better to get the most recent version.

Setting Magpie RSS feed is very easy. You will get a very detail and helpful guideline about setting up Magpie from the source page. After installing it, you have to make a very few changes like adding your site name and you are good to go. Creating full text RSS article with Magpie is very easy. After setting the program to your site, it will automatically create full text RSS feeds of the contents of your site and will send them to your registered subscribers. However, to modify the codes, you need to follow the instructions very carefully and accordingly unless you have a good knowledge in PHP and clearly know what you are doing.

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