Crowdsourcing your Business by your Customers and Community members the Right Way for Fun and Profit

Crowdsourcing by your Customers and Community members

Crowdsourcing by your Customers and Community members

Being active in the online market requires you to work and to add people to your network, come up with useful contents and tools to your private social community which provide value to your members and customers, which makes them keep coming back to you.

But if you think you already did everything to take care of the people in your network, well, think again. This is just half-way in having an effective social community strategy. An effective customer community strategy balances benefits its community members by leveraging the community to have business-level goals of the main organization.

A better customer interaction will open door to a variety of tactics in your business or organization, and these advantages will include an increased advocacy in the market, lowered support costs and establishing stronger and long- lasting relationships with your customers or members.

The number of businesses engaging with their communities are increasing. They do this do discover, test and even validate the things they need to work on to get a strong market fit.

One of the benefits of having your community is that they give the ability to communicate with a lot of customers and members in a collaborative manner. The company then can use their opinions and views to adjust the products and services with the market and drive innovation coming from the interaction with the customers.

However, even with an online customer community, crowdsourcing can be very difficult to manage. You must have the proper tools and strategies in order for you not to risk missing important marketing data which will then frustrate customers who are very keen to details when it comes to their feed backs being heard.

Crowdsourcing can be very useful to your business, there’s no doubt about it. But here are a few more areas where crowdsourcing can add to your marketing strategies.

  1. Events. Ask your network what type of events they enjoy participating in. Give them the liberty to choose location, topics, and themes. You can even ask for their feedback on some event structures and special speakers.
  2. Conference. Make use of crowdsourcing to learn what type of sessions your customers find most beneficial.
  3. Products. You can validate the idea of product enhancements in your community within the confines of your reliable and safe customer community before introducing it to the public.

There’s a whole lot more avenues in crowdsourcing. All you need is to get the hang of it and make sure that your customers’ feedbacks are valued.

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