Create RSS News Feed Ticker

RSS news feed ticker is live update option for the visitors of a website. With this service, the visitor will be notified about a new update or new news as soon as it comes without reloading the page. This is a very useful feature for a news based website where new information is added in almost every minute. So when a visitor keeps the news site page open for a long time, he will automatically get news alert. This actually does a great job as you don’t have to close the page or reload it for getting new news update. By using simple JavaScript and little programming in PHP does the job very well.

The RSS feed ticker is actually a form of RSS feed. The only difference is you don’t get it in your email inbox; instead you get the feeds right on the page you are visiting. Like the traditional RSS feeds, you get only the headlines of the news in the ticker. It is possible to add more content in the ticker; but that gives up the whole idea of this innovative concept. Ticker was introduced to show news update in a very short form which can be placed in a tiny place. You can also see the ticker in television. The moving headlines at the bottom of your television set are also known as ticker.

Facebook is one of the best examples of RSS ticker. If you are a facebook user, you have seen a recent feature in facebook. In the right of your facebook page, you see a live update of your friends’ activities. That is the ticker. It is also extensively used in news sites and more and more websites are now adapting the concept to keep their visitors updated.

Creating RSS feed tickers is not a difficult job. In a CMS based website, you can use it via widgets. CMS platform like WordPress has already introduced widgets for life feeding news update. You can place the widget anywhere you like and decorate the webpage as you wish. Other CMS platforms also have similar options. If you are using a static website, you need to use a few lines of JavaScript coding for making the tickers. There are plenty of free samples and tutorials in the website that will give you the coding and details instructions to integrate the coding in your website.

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