Create RSS Feeds for Your Chosen Keywords

Even if your website is something that can speak for itself, there is still a need for you to bring fresher sub‐related ideas in. Without replacing the target topic you would want to convey, of course. And you can do this easily by using the right keywords for your full text RSS feeds for your research.

The full text RSS feeds will definitely help you with that, but you would need to do a bit of tweaking with your RSS subscription first. Meaning to say, sticking around your marketed topic would also need you to stick around specific keywords that your trusted full text RSS feeds reader will catch for you to use.

Now let’s talk about how you can do this!

Make sure to find some time in doing the following:

Identify “The Others”.

Gaming it all up by following the authors getting the top ranks during a related keyword search is never a bad idea. Know who these are in your market, and yes, subscribe to them. The idea is to keep in top shape as these authors are, and you will never fall short of an updated idea.

Keep Increasing the Quality by Increasing the Quantity.

A full text RSS feed is the oasis of a dried up mind, and there are a lot of news sites out there that provide a steady stream of information. For you to guarantee your website surviving the competition, you have to be in the know with what is getting updated with the world.

Always rely on the expert ‐ which is Google.

This is in relation to the second point above. You can use Google News to gather broadcasted information for you, by using the “News Alerts” feature. One can simply go to, click on the news alerts located on the left navigation bar, and then by creating a Google alert for specific keywords, Google will notify you whenever that certain keyword will be part of a new updated content being published. You will be freed from the hassle of a manual Google search.

In the long run, you would want to be well‐known for a specific genre of topic, and what I mean by this is to make certain that your website will pop out whenever a definite keyword is being searched.

Little by little, as you keep on writing articles and interacting with your community in relation to certain keywords, with the help of full text RSS feeds, you will gain more authority since you’re always on top of the latest happenings in your niche.

Remember to keep things organized for better search results and for a better reading experience, and to get the most out of your full text RSS feed!

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