Create RSS Feed in CMS

RSS feed is a common feature in all modern website. No matter whether it is blog site or news site or even a marketing site, RSS is mandatory. It helps to get more traffic for the website as it can do a lot better than any other method of online marketing. If you are running a content based website, you will want that your visitors read your stories. So for that you need to keep them informed as soon as a new post publishes in your site. RSS is the way to do that. You are in online marketing and e-commerce; RSS feeds not only alert your customers about the new products you have launched but also tell them about all the exciting discounts you offer.

If your site does any of the above three, it is strongly recommended that you use a CMS platform. CMS stands for Content Management System and it is a very well structured method to manage and organize a massive amount of data. Obviously, a news site or an online business site contains a lot of data and also it is very important for these sites to arrange the contents in perfect order. For example, you need to keep you recent additions at the top so that it is the first thing to see when someone enters your site. You also need to highlight your signature products and have an easy option to find any product without any hassle. A CMS platform does the exact thing.

The CMS is also very well structured in the back end. That means, you will have customizable options for each and every part of your site if it runs on a CMS platform. Like the other things, you will have fully featured built-in RSS feed setting options from where you can easily set up the RSS feeds. This is very easy and you will get plenty of tutorials for doing that. Once you set up the options, you do not have to worry about doing it again and again. The CMS back end coding for RSS feeds will automatically do the job by creating the feeds when there is something new in your website and send them the subscribers. There are many popular CMS platforms available like WordPress, Joomla and Magneto. You can select any one of them according to your need.

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